American homeowners have a love-hate relationship with house painting. On the one hand, they love a well-painted house with exquisite interiors and exteriors. On the flip side, they hate painting their homes by themselves because it’s not only time-consuming, but it also requires extensive expertise to complete well. If you’re in this category, you’ll find residential painting service extremely useful.

When you engage professional house painters for your home’s paint job, they’ll handle it exquisitely. These tips will help you enhance the convenience of house painters so they can deliver a perfect paint job.

1. Remove Your Pictures and Wall Decorations in Advance

Taking down pictures and wall decorations is one of the effortless tasks you and your family can do as you wait for the house painters. You’ll not only save the painting company a lot of time, but you’ll also ensure that you store your pictures in a safe place. This protects your precious wall decorations from paint, accumulating dust, or sustaining any accidental damage during the prepping process.

2. Store Your Ornaments and Fragile Items

When you seek residential painting services and the painters come to your house, they don’t just start painting on the go. Instead, they’ll first prep your house for painting. This involves moving furniture and other household items to create space for the painting activities. Professional house painters will take extra caution and care when handling your household stuff. However, fragile items like drinking glasses, ornaments, lampshades, and glass artwork can easily break under the slightest stress.

To be on the safe side, store these items in a storage room, or move them to another room. Nonetheless, don’t fret if you don’t have time to move your ornaments and fragile household items. Professional house painters are well-coordinated, and will prep your house well without damaging any of your precious and fragile items.

3. Find a Temporary Home for Your Pets and Family Members

House painting is a process that can take several days or weeks to complete depending on the scope of the paint job. Professional painters say that prepping a home for painting takes about 35% of the total time that a paint job takes to complete. If, for instance, you’re painting all the rooms in your house, painters will have to prep each room, and this takes time.

When your house is getting painted, it’s advisable to keep your pets and family away from the house until the paint job is completed. This will allow the painting company to execute the job with minimal interference. It’s recommended that you wait for two to three days for the fresh paint to dry before moving your family and pets back to the house. Sleeping in a freshly painted house can cause dizziness, headaches, visual disorders, memory problems, and irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract.

4. Consider Renting an Extra Dumpster if You’re Also Renovating Your Home

It’s convenient to paint your house immediately after a home renovation project. Luckily, painting companies in Maryland that offer residential painting services also offer home improvement services. During a paint or renovation job, there’ll be excess waste produced. Your normal dumpster may not have enough capacity to accommodate the extra waste produced. To help your house painters organize everything well, you may consider renting an extra dumpster to dispose of the additional waste. Especially if your home is large, you’ll want to rent an additional dumpster. This enables the house painters to organize their working space more effectively and leave your home clean and organized after the paint job.

The United States buys over 1.5 billion gallons of paint every year, with much of this paint being used for residential house painting. It’s no wonder more American homeowners are seeking residential painting services to have their homes painted. For top-quality interior and exterior painting services, engage Annapolis house painters.

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