The time has come to paint the exterior of your house. You’ve been eyeing this as a DIY task in an effort to save some money. Although you may be able to paint your home’s exterior with the help of some friends and family members, there are some true benefits of hiring professional exterior house painting services. Let’s examine those advantages.

The Hours Spent on the Job

Perhaps you have a daytime job. You may even have a job that requires you to work on the weekends. Depending on your work hours, you may find it difficult to begin and finish your home exterior painting task. With qualified and professional exterior house painting services, the exterior painting job can be done just about any time. One of the biggest benefits of an exterior painting task is that the painters will never have a need to enter your home. Therefore, the job can be done efficiently and quickly.

Quality Service

Professional exterior house painting techs will provide you with a better quality of service that cannot be duplicated on your own. With professional exterior house painting services, you’ll have a licensed painting company that uses state-of-the-art tools, paints, paintbrushes, and other necessary items to complete the job. Exterior home paint jobs go far beyond just locating a ladder, picking up a paintbrush, and painting.

Professional painters use better tools and techniques for an even and smooth coating of paint on your home’s exterior. Typically, their paint is calibrated specifically for your home’s exterior. One gallon of paint is able to cover between 25 and 44 square yards, depending on the kind of paint and its color. Your professional exterior house painting services will also know how to consolidate the paint used, which helps to eliminate paint waste.


Although you may have the best plan of action for painting the exterior of your home, your professional residential painting service will have a better one. If you and a few friends were to paint the exterior of your home, it may likely take a few weeks, or maybe even longer. You’ll have to honor the schedules of your painting partners while ensuring that you get enough rest. With professional exterior house painting services, you can receive a quality paint job for your home in less time. Generally, home painting companies have larger crews who are assigned an area of the home. They confer with each other to complete the house painting job in an efficient manner. Qualified exterior house painting services also utilize paint sprayers, paint rollers, and other equipment with precision.


If you have a multi-story home, you will find it difficult to reach those places that need a fresh coat of paint. You’ll need a ladder that can reach each story. Additionally, you’ll have to come down from where you are painting, move your ladder, and climb it once again to paint a new area. Thanks to the equipment that a professional painter uses, their movement will be seamless – which will not infringe upon their time or energy.

Generally, you’ll find that professional painters can acquire a fast understanding of the layout of a home. They can access hard-to-reach areas in minimal time while working as a team. With their equipment, their safety will never be compromised and they can complete the job fast. While your movements may create dangerous situations, a dedicated professional painter will know how to move throughout the exterior of the home in a safer manner.

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For the exterior house painting services you need, your Annapolis, MD painting professionals are able to exceed your expectations. You can count on quality exterior house painting services that make your home look new. They also offer power washing, deck restoration, remodeling, carpentry, epoxy services, and more. Your Maryland painters also use top-notch exterior paints, tools, and equipment to ensure a smooth, balanced, and beautiful exterior painting task. Instead of asking the in-laws and friends to help you paint the exterior of your home, contact your Annapolis, MD professional painters. They’re ready to offer you a new paint job that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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