While more than 1.57 billion gallons of paint are sold in the United States alone each year, many homeowners opt for hiring a handyman service for painting projects. Even though the conventional painting company can provide a stellar paint job, you may choose a handyman company to tackle that difficult paint job. Let’s examine some questions that you want to ask your handyman service before hiring them for that home or commercial painting task.

How Long Have You Been Painting?

One question that you want to ask your handyman service before they begin the paint job is how long have they been painting. You want a company that has the patience, experience, and dedication to arrive at your home on time, begin a paint project, finish the job in an efficient manner, and leave you with a flawless painted home. Many handyman services will provide you with a customer profile. They will assess your job, give you an estimate, then tell you how long the job will take. From there, you can decide if the handyman service is right for you and your painting needs.

Can I Look at Previous Work?

One of the most requested items from a homeowner in need of a paint job are before and after photos. So, you want to be sure to ask if your handyman service has pictures that they can show you of previous paint jobs. Before and after photos are popular when it comes to interior as well as exterior house painting services. They also tell a story of triumph. It’s quite awesome to see a handyman service show you what a room looked like before their work and then what it looked afterward.

Are Your Painters Insured and Bonded?

Since you are allowing strangers into your home, you want to have some safeguards in place. Two of those safeguards include painters who are insured and bonded. You want the added protection of painters who are insured and bonded in the event there is breakage or something unexpected that happens in the home. You also want painters who are licensed and bonded because you can count on them complying with quality standards that are specified by the state that they paint in.

Can I Get an Estimate?

While you want a quality handyman service for your paint job, you also want to be able to hire a service that is affordable. So, be sure to ask for an estimate before any work begins. This way, you know upfront what you’re expected to pay. Many handyman painting services will automatically provide an estimate after they have toured all of the rooms that need to be painted. They will also ask questions about the primer, suggest a specific number of coats, and inquire about the color that you want your walls and ceilings to be painted.

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