Every house, even the White House, needs a fresh layer of paint to look beautiful. The official residence of the President of the U.S. is white because of the lime-based whitewash that was initially used to protect the porous stone surface. The White House is painted once a year, and its exterior part consumes about 570 gallons of paint. If the White House needs a fresh coat of paint often, your house may, too. Here’s why your house needs a fresh coat of paint more than you think it does.

1. It’s Been Years Since You Lasted Painted

Your house needs a fresh coat of paint if it’s been many years since you last painted it. Sunlight, moisture, dust, dirt, and other elements can affect the look of the paint. Plus, the paint is exposed to a daily basis of wear and tear. Painting your walls with high-quality paint will add a new layer of protection against these elements. Hire a professional painting company that offers high-quality services to paint your house at least once every two years.

2. Transform Your Interior Parts

Interior painting is an innovative way of improving the appearance of your home. New painting will improve aesthetics and bring life to your house. Paint your walls, doors, windows, and countertops with contrasting colors. Ask professionals from the painting company you hire which paints to use.

3. You Plan to Sell the House

Your house needs a new layer of paint if you plan to sell it. That’s because painting increases property value. You can get up to 55% ROI by painting the exterior parts and up to 107% ROI by painting the interior. Additionally, a freshly painted home has the potential of attracting many bidders by giving them good first impressions.

4. You Have a New Color Choice

Change is inevitable. Since trends in exterior color paint continuously change, the color you used to paint your home a few years back may be out-of-date. Select a trendy color to give your house a new look and increase its curb appeal.

5. Make Your Home Cleaner

If your home is rusty, you need to have it painted to make it cleaner and spacious. New paints will give your exterior and interior walls a new look that is free of stain and dirt. Use dirt-resistant paints that are also easy to clean.

These are some of the reasons your house needs a new coat of paint. Contact a painting company today if you need painting services or have any questions.

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